Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Monday, 7 September 2015

Scenes From The Maul

Scenes From The Maul- Art Works from The Maul by Fiona Smyth
WEIRD THINGS- 998 Bathurst Street
Opening on Thursday, September 17@7:30
This shopping mall is filled with teenagers transformed into monsters running amok.  Commentary is on the commodification of teens’ bodies and identities and corporate media’s perceptions of the teens codified world. The media’s manipulation of these projected images of youth sells us the concepts of ageism, sexism, sizeism, homophobia, and racism as norms to be coveted. Immortality achieved by conformity reigns supreme. The truth of youth includes the realities of exclusion, abuse, economic disparity, and exploitation. In The Maul the monstrous teenagers rise up against their captors to break free of the “shoebox” they are caught in. In the process they attack each other and destroy the fabricated consumer paradise of the mall.
This show is part of the larger installation project The Maul.
Grant support funded by the Toronto Arts Council.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Comics Classes at the AGO

Two comics classes are being offered this fall at the AGO- the Art Gallery of Ontario:
Comics in Canada:
Experimental Comics:


SEX IS A FUNNY WORDS Events this September!!

What does social justice sex education look like?

What does it do? How does it work?

What happens when you cross a graphic novel with a sex education book for 10 year olds?

Come join us for a lively discussion about Sex Is a Funny Word (Seven Stories Press, 2015) the sequel to What Makes a Baby from author and sex educator Cory Silverberg and artist and illustrator Fiona Smyth.

Guided by our four discussants, we’ll talk about gender, sexuality, and identity, and what sex education can look like when it tries to engage with kids as whole human beings and with the families and communities they live in.

Claudia Dávila writes, illustrates, and designs books for kids of all ages. She was the art director of Chirp and Chickadee magazines and is the author/illustrator of the award-winning graphic novel series The Future According to Luz.

Jen Gilbert is associate professor in the Faculty of Education at York University.

jes sachse is a Toronto-based multi-media artist & author whose work explores themes of disability culture, sexuality, & digital futures. They are currently at work on their first graphic novel, Gutter.

Syrus Marcus Ware is a visual artist, community activist, researcher, youth-advocate, educator, and the Program Coordinator of the AGO Youth Program, Art Gallery of Ontario.

This event marks the inauguration of University of Toronto Ivey Library’s Graphic novel collection and the making of Silverberg and Smyth’s debut of their second book, bringing together sexuality studies scholars and practitioners at UofT and in the broader Toronto community.

D.G. Ivey Library
20 Willcocks St., Wilson Hall
September 24th 7-9 p.m.

Free, open to the public

ASL interpretation will be provided. The space is wheelchair accessible.
For more information contact: siafwevents@gmail.com

Co-sponsored by Women and Gender Studies, Sexual Diversity Studies and OISE

Come celebrate the Canadian release of Sex Is a Funny Word, the much anticipated follow up to What Makes a Baby by Cory Silverberg and Fiona Smyth.

We'll be there with a new set of amazing Fiona Smyth coloring activities for the kids, free buttons (guaranteed to start a conversation), and a whole lot of books for signing.

We're doing it while the store is open, so feel free to drop in for a bit or hang out for the whole two hours.

Another Story Bookshop
315 Roncesvalles Avenue (at Grenadier)
Free - all welcome

For more info call 416-462-1104 or visit
www.anotherstory.ca, books@anotherstory.ca

Access info: entrance is wheelchair accessible but with regrets not our bathroom. ASL interpretation will be provided.